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How to use the Advanced Stats Search functionality?

This is a tool developed by the betting Academy that you will find nowhere else!

Use the search function freely to test your favourite techniques and maybe find out just the statistic you were looking for to bet with good value.

Horses Trading

Unlike football, the sole purpose of horse racing are the stakes. No one will travel 300 Km to watch their favourite horse in a Hippodrome.
I studied in depth the market for horses. It is a very attractive market for pure trading because it has a lot of liquidity.

Professional Trader: advantages and disadvantages

A successful trader with 10 years of experience developed discipline, work method and emotional control (and a remarkable movement speed of the mouse !). These are the best values for a work ethic.

How to make Tips and enter the Academy contests?

It is very simple to participate on the Academy Tips contests: Just make a Tip and you are automatically eligible for the contest of the Bookmaker from which you selected your Tip’s odd.

Have you seen the monthly prizes you can win?

Trading Software

The main advantage of using software is the speed with which you can enter/modify/cancel orders, compared to the Betfair site.

Additionally, software such as BetAngel has certain characteristics that are essential for some specific trading strategies.

Doubts about the occupation Trader

Being a professional trader isn't an exhausting job if it makes you professionally happy.

The key moment that made me study to become a professional trader was when I was able to win 10% with 50€.

What will you find at the UK betting Academy?

The betting Academy is an online betting school for winners and a sharing space for betting knowledge. Will you stay out?

Bet Angel - One click stop loss

Take the emotion out of your trading with the one click stop loss. No need to mess around and set anything in advance. 

Win whatever the result with Bet Angel

Following our sponsorship of the races at Wolverhampton a lot of people contacted us to ask how it was possible to win whatever the results. Here is the answer. This video explains the concept of trading on a betting exchange to win whatever the result.

Introduction to trading on the Betfair betting exchange

A simple introduction to the mechanics of trading. Learn what trading is and how to do it. This video gives you a step by step guide, broken down into clear instructions so you can understand exactly what trading is, why it works and how to do it.
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