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How to download Free Fire Max?

How to download Free Fire Max?
Learn how to download Free Fire Max on Android and iOS.
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After high expectations about the new version of Battle Royale developed by Garena, Free Fire Max has finally reached its official version. Having said that, we at the Betting Academy decided to bring a tutorial on how to download Free Fire Max on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

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Before actually starting the tutorial, it is important to say that Free Fire Max managed to meet the registration goal that Garena had stipulated, being 9 million pre-registrations to acquire the game for free. Thus, Free Fire Max can be expected to have many simultaneous players online. With that in mind, players who have pre-registered in advance will be able to collect their items, such as the two Gold Ticket, the Cyber Max Skyboard, the Max Raychaser Bundle and Cyber Max Bundle skins. Early registration, the items will be available for redemption within the Free Fire Max rewards page itself.

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How to download Free Fire Max on Android system

1. The first step is to access your store from "Google Play", or "Playstore";
2. Now use your search tool to find the "Free Fire Max";
3. The first application that appears in your search will be Free Fire Max, click on it;
4. After that, a new screen will open. Look for the "download" option and click on it;
5. Then Free Fire Max will start its automatic download and installation on your Android;
6. Once the download and installation are finished, the "download" option will be replaced by "play", so click on it and the game will start.

How to download Free Fire Max on iOS system

1. The first step here is to locate the "App Store";
2. After entering the app store, use the search tool and type "Garena Free Fire Max Redemption";
3. Next, a single application with that name will appear, and it will be Free Fire Max. Then, click on it;
4. When the new screen appears, look for the "Get" option and click on it;
5. Then the download and installation of Free Fire Max will start automatically;
6. Once the download is complete, Free Fire Max will be ready to play!

Free Fire Max pre-registration

Shortly before its release, the developer Garena informed that it would be stipulating some goals for the pre-registration of Free Fire Max.
Then, in just two weeks, Free Fire Max managed to beat more than 9 million pre-registrations, surpassing the goal stipulated by Garena. Having said that, Free Fire Max has become one of the most desired games within the mobile gamer community.
In the prizes stipulated by Garena, 5 items were promised to players who made their pre-registrations. In addition, Garena also informed that the 50 players who had invited the most people to sign up would guarantee more prizes, namely: Cyber ​​Jack and Cyber ​​Queen. However, people who invited up to five friends would guarantee the following items: Cyber Lady (Shoes), Cyber Lady (glasses),2 Diamond Royale tickets, Loot Lightning Max Box and Cyber Queen (top).

Awards stipulated by Garena

Pre-Registered Players / Prize
1 million / Cyber Lady (bottom)
2 million / 2 Golden Royale tickets
4 million / Cyber Lady (Face Painting)
6 million / Max Radius Board
8 million / Cyber Lady (Head)

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