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Poker Star: T.J. Cloutier

Poker Star: T.J. Cloutier
Today's poker star is legend T.J. Cloutier.
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Born in Albany, California, USA, on October 13, 1939, Thomas James "T.J." Cloutier is a poker pro, having racked up six bracelets under his belt at the World Series of Poker.

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Born in California, Cloutier grew up in Albany, and studied at the University of California, Berkeley, after earning a scholarship as a football and baseball athlete. During this period, the young T.J. played for the Rose Bowl in 1959. However, soon after Thomas ended up dropping out of college, due to his financial and family situation.

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In this episode, Cloutier was drafted into the US Army. After fulfilling his duty as a military man, Thomas served as a player in the Canadian Football League alongside the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes, but ended up getting injured and having to put his life as an athlete aside.
At that time, Cloutier decided to open a food business, which unfortunately ended up not working out. So Thomas moved to Texas to work on oil rigs. In the meantime, on his days off, Thomas started playing poker and quickly ended up quitting his job after noticing that poker paid him far more than his current job. Through this, Thomas devoted all his time to playing poker with very high stakes.


Recognition for his poker talents began to emerge within the World Series of Poker tournaments. Cloutier was known for being an expert in No Limit and Pot Hold'em tournaments. In addition, the grinder is also the only pro in WSOP history to have won three types of Omaha tournaments within the event series, namely: Pot Limit High, Limit High and Limit-8-Better High-Low Split.
Among all of his achievements in his journey as a poker pro, Cloutier's highlight is his winning six bracelets in the World Series of Poker. However, the player had other achievements on his journey, such as in the events of the World Poker Tour, the WPT.
Returning to the WSOP, Cloutier went on to be one of the top five players in the World Series of Poker Main Events, including two runners-up, one in 1985, losing to Bill Smith, and in 2000 losing to Chris Ferguson. During those periods, Cloutier was also part of the 1988 Main Event, but ended up in fifth place by beating Johnny Chan. Later, in 1998, Cloutier was again in the WSOP Main Event and placed third by beating Scotty Nguyen, who placed fourth.
In a specific episode, in 2009, Cloutier faced a problem within the WSOP. At the time, the player ended up being excluded from the Main Event due to having his registration closed in the edition. According to Cloutier, it was his own fault, since he made his application too late and did not look for alternatives to solve his problem.


In his career as a poker player, Cloutier also took time out of his life to write books. He wrote the following books: Championship Tournament Practice Hands, Championship Holdem, Championship Omaha, Championship No-Limit and Pot Limit Hold'em, and How To Win The Championship: Hold'em Strategies For The Final Table.


According to information, Cloutier currently resides in Richardson, Texas, United States. And, in the year 2006, Cloutier was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fam0e.
On his journey, Cloutier has a fortune of $10,350,000 from live poker tournaments. And, according to reports, $4,675.00 came from his participation in the WSOP.

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