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How to rotate in League of Legends

How to rotate in League of Legends
Learn how to rotate in League of Legends and have advantage in game.
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Knowing how to rotate between League of Legends lanes, and, above all, understanding the mechanics that each route needs, is of great importance to get a great match and get closer to victory in LoL. Understanding the basics of a good rotation allows you and your team to have greater map domain, including a higher number of kills than your opponents, for a collective good.

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However, it is not just a matter of attention as a League of Legends player, you must include a very detailed plan to make certain decisions that make you and your team win. So, we at the Betting Academy are going to give you some tips on how to rotate in League of Legends and have advantages in play.

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The base of crafting good plays and rotations is planning your steps. Early on in champion selection, you must pay attention to opposing champions and understand which champion has the advantage over the other. For example, a champion usually has more mobility or strength than another champion during the opening minutes of a match. Therefore, you only need to do a basic reading about your champion and the opposing champions to help your team to take certain actions during the match.
With this information in mind, another step to follow is knowing how to distribute your runes to increase your chance of winning, usually this will be of great importance to the ADC of the match. Keeping the ADC in a good phase during the game is of great importance for him to be able to "carry" the game.


During lane planning, the question of knowing how to rotate between lanes, the movement between paths, comes into play. Understanding which lane has superiority to another is of great importance to taking action, as you will know the right time to rotate or remain in your position. If the players are going toe-to-toe, there's no need to rotate, but if you see that there's a lane losing or that has superiority to another, it's time to get in on the action.
At this point, the question of when to return to base enters. Knowing how to get back to base, you can buy more items to return to your stronger lane, building an advantage over your opponents. With this, you will certainly be the first to have advantage of a lane and can rotate to help your colleagues in difficulties. So, you just push your minions to put pressure on your lane and rotate to another lane, which you think it's beneficial for the game.

Minion Control

Knowing how to control your minions and consequently the opposing minions will save you a lot of time in the game to develop new strategies. For example, when shooting down opposing minions and making yours advance, the enemy champion will have to act fast or the tower will fall. This way, you create some time to plan other decisions, help your teammates or achieve game goals.
Pushing your minions into the opposing lane is extremely critical to creating openings for your team to act. This way, your enemy will be stuck in a lane, trying to shoot down your minions, while you'll be free to make other moves and follow your team's rotations.


Once you've successfully completed all the steps, it's time to get moving and take action. Your opponents will have enough trouble with their minions pressing lanes, so move according to your plan and help your teammates create advantages you've already created.
Plus, it's time to take action and execute your plans. Each champion has a different style of play, if your champion has enough stamina and strength, use the time you've created to your advantage to complete objectives. Try to kill the dragons and the Baron himself, who can often be done alone. With all these trump cards in hand, victory is almost certain to come to your team.

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