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Free Fire: Learn to tag your team

Free Fire: Learn to tag your team
Learn how to tag your team in the field.
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One of the best strategies to have the advantage within Free Fire is knowing how to tag your team. While it seems easy to mark where your team will fall, this decision can affect your entire game and the game of your teammates. A good marking can prevent your opponents from interfering with your fall, that is, making it difficult for your enemies to gain access to your team's position.

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Many players keep in mind that tagging is just something that will decide where their teammates should engage, but it isn't. Tagging can do anything in-game, from tagging an item to your teammates to tagging a nearby enemy.

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Thus, the basis of a good marking within Free Fire is to ensure that your colleagues can have advantages over the opponents, aiming to create difficulties in the opponents' positioning and rotations. In this way, a good marking can help your group to take advantage of equipment and especially over enemies.
To address the topic of tagging  your team, you must understand some critical criteria for performing this tactic. As we speak, although it sounds easy, it is not.


The first step to creating good marks for your squad is to study your rivals. Analyze the type of marking that your opponents usually do, this will give you a lot of information that can be useful for your squad. Knowing the placement of each enemy gives you a huge advantage when it comes to "let's see." Every position on every map can hurt or help your team in crucial game moments.


Knowing your enemies' rotations is another very important point for your squad. Knowing the next steps, or even the steps already taken by enemies, gives you an opportunity to strategize and catch your opponents by surprise. The movement of the teams is something that is automatically linked to markings. By knowing how your opponents behave in the game, you will have a very good chance of survival and moving forward in the game. It is also important to pay attention to which area you will be using tagging for your team. It should give you an advantage, so it should be done with a lot of strategy.

Numerical advantage

Eliminating an opponent is very good, isn't it? But when your opponents eliminate each other, it's even better. This will create a numerical disadvantage to your rivals as long as your squad stays alive. That way you will have a big advantage over your enemies. Use this factor in favor of your squad. As much as possible, avoid distancing yourself from your team, as once you are caught alone, your squad will have the disadvantage in play, and this can compromise the rest of the match.

Surprise your enemies

After you have mastered the aforementioned topics, it's time for you to start training strategies that can give your squad an advantage. Work out plays that you know can surprise your opponents on the field. Another important factor is knowing the right time to act.
However, everything you've learned can be put in check if your teammates don't know what to do in these situations.
Free Fire is an extremely difficult game to play alone. Your teammates must be in tune with your actions and follow each other's moves.
Now that you know how to create good tags for your team, how about taking action and showing all your acquired knowledge?

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