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The Parlay strategy in sports betting

The Parlay strategy in sports betting
We will explain how it works and how to bet with a Parlay strategy.
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This is a very simple strategy in the betting world and you have probably already used it, but you may not know it by that name. Parlay is one of the terms we give for multiple or combined bets, which are bets on two or more events, and your victory depends on the correct outcome of both these selections. Despite having a few different styles of applying them, we will focus on the most common and well-known way in bookmakers, explaining how it works.

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Unlike a single bet, where you choose only one result in a given event, in parlay bets you will select two or more results on a single ticket, which can be of different matches and modalities, so that your bet will be considered a winner if all of these results are positive. Obviously, because it depends on more than one result, the level of difficulty to win this type of bet is higher, but your returns will also be more rewarding.

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Let's exemplify

You analyzed some matches and became interested in Flamengo's victory, with an odd of 1.80, considering betting $100 on this probability. If at the end of the match the team from Rio wins, you would have a total return of $180.
But besides Flamengo, you also saw that Palmeiras will play in the round, and their victory is worth 2.00. If you bet only on Palmeiras' victory, you would have a gross return of $200.
But what if you wanted to combine these two selections into a single bet? You can, and that's what a parlay bet is about. In that case, your bet would be:
Flamengo Victory: 1.80
Palmeiras win: 2.00
Stake: $100
Calculation: You multiply the values ​​of the odds, and the result of that multiplication will be the odd that will count in your bet, that is:
1.80 x 2.00 = 3.60 | $100 x odd 3.60 = $360 in total return.
You can see that your return was much higher than if you tried to bet that same amount on a single team, or bet half ($50) on each team win. As we mentioned above, this is a way to compensate for the level of difficulty that such a strategy requires, but the risk you assume of this bet going wrong and losing all its value is also greater.
In this example, we only have two events, but if you chose to place 4 games on a single betting ticket, it would be useless if 3 of those were victorious and one went wrong. For you to receive the returns of this type of accumulated bet, you need all results to be winners, regardless of whether there are 2 or 8 events placed on a single ticket. The more bets you include, obviously the higher the values ​​offered, multiplying all the odds to know what your final return will be.
It doesn't have to be exactly just in the 1x2 market (result, moneyline, etc.) as we gave examples above. It may include different markets, such as over / under, handicap, among others. I could, in the example above, put Flamengo's victory and over 1.5 goals from Palmeiras.
In addition, it can be a bet on different sports. In a single ticket, you will be able to place and multiply the odds of a football, tennis and basketball game, for example, and you will only have returns if in all these events you win in all your bets.
It is always good to check the options that bookmakers offer, as some allow slightly different strategies for this type of bet. One of those derivatives of a standard parlay bet, are progressive parlays. In that case, if you place a variety of games on a ticket, even if some of those bets give an incorrect result, you will still win. Of course, in order to have this advantageous possibility, the amounts paid will be much less than a standard bet, even if in the end all results are winners. However, the mode we mentioned in the article is the most common, and is also the most usable, regardless of your favorite bookmaker.

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