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FIFA 21 Guide: Club World Cup Teams, Games and Dates

FIFA 21 Guide: Club World Cup Teams, Games and Dates
Check out the FIFA 21 Guide with Club World Cup teams, games and dates.
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The FIFA Club World Cup 2021 begins on Wednesday (24th). The FIFA 21 Club World Cup is scheduled to run until February 28. This year's clashes will be held regionally and online. In addition, the total prize pool will be US $ 350.000. Other than that, 12 teams from South America are expected to participate in the World Cup. We at the Betting Academy decided to create a FIFA 21 Guide with teams, games and dates from the Club World Cup.

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Starting with the teams participating in the FIFA 21 Club World Cup, there will be a total of 42 teams. The teams that will be in the Club World Cup, are part of South America, North / Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa / Middle East and Oceania. In addition, there are participants from football clubs such as Kashima Antlers and Manchester City. Other than that, there are also teams that are already known in the eSports scene, such as: Complexity Gaming and Astralis. So let's check out the teams and players that will be attending the FIFA 21 Club World Cup.

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“Atlantide Wave Australia - Marko (Xbox One) and Naylor (PS4)
FUTWIZ Australia - Jamodo (Xbox One) and GreekFreak (PS4)
Melbourne City eSports (Australia) - Marcus Gomes (Xbox One) and MikeJ (PS4)
Dire Wolves (Australia) - Capeci (Xbox One) and Dylan (PS4) ”


“GBX eSports Team (Malaysia) - Ayen (Xbox One) and LuqmanHzp (PS4)
Wicked eSports (Malaysia) - halowake (Xbox One) and DatoRentap (PS4)
Blue United eFC (Japan) - Agu (Xbox One) and Tsakt (PS4)
Kashima Antlers eSports (Japan) - Web Nasri (Xbox One) and ccv (PS4) ”


“25 eSports (Saudi Arabia) - abo3zza10 (Xbox One) and vZiad9 (PS4)
Tuwaiq eSports Club (Saudi Arabia) - Nwwav (Xbox One) and ProAz1z (PS4)
Al-Nassr FC (Saudi Arabia) - Ahmdrooy (Xbox One) and Rakan 131 (PS4)
Goliath Gaming (South Africa) - MBCKaylan (Xbox One) and Julio Bianchi (PS4) ”


“Mav3ricks MM Gaming Club (Spain) - NotAlvarez (Xbox One) and Marcos Bullten (PS4)
Riders (Spain) - Zidane10 (Xbox One) and AndoniiiPM (PS4)
Astralis (Denmark) - Agge (Xbox One) and Ustun (PS4)
FC Schalke 04 (Germany) - JH7 (Xbox One) and Juli (PS4)
Wisla ALL IN Games Krakow (Poland) - bejott (Xbox One) and cyanide (PS4)
AC Monza Team eSports (Italy) - Er_Caccia98 (Xbox One) and Nzorello (PS4)
Mkers (Italy) - HARTIXEL7 (Xbox One) and Prinsipe (PS4)
OFF Meta (Italy) - Painter (Xbox One) and SolaarJK (PS4)
Genoa eSports (Italy) - Crafty95 (Xbox One) and Gabry7 (PS4)
NOM eSports (Israel) - NEissaT14 (Xbox One) and OrchiE23 (PS4)
Zeta Gaming - Ditmir4897 (Xbox One) and DanielAguilar4 (PS4)
RBLZ Gaming (Germany) - Gauche (Xbox One) and Umut (PS4)
Team Gullit (Netherlands) - RvPLegend10 (Xbox One) and Roberts (PS4)
Manchester City eSports (England) - Shellzz (Xbox One) and Ryan (PS4) ”


"Group 1
DUX Latam (Spain) - Henrique "Zezinho" (Xbox One) and Diego "diegog1996" (PS4)
NSE (Brazil) - Patrick "Tyke" (Xbox One) and Klinger Correa (PS4)
eLiga Sul (Brazil) - Paulo "PHzin" (Xbox One) and Matheus "MH" (PS4)
Group 2
TTB eSports (Denmark) - Pedro "Fineto" (Xbox One) and Kaike "Maczera" (PS4)
FC Basel 1983 eSports (Switzerland) - Henrique "SpiderKong" (Xbox One) and Nicolas "nicolas99fc" (PS4)
Inter eSports (Italy) - Lucas Sousa (Xbox One) and Pedro Resende (PS4)
Group 3
Medellin Es (Colombia) - Gustavo "Paiva29" (Xbox One) and Gustavo "Paiva17" (PS4)
Central Español (Uruguay) - Agustín "AgussBarrios" (Xbox One) and Vinícius Rampazzo (PS4)
SPQR Brasil Team (Brazil) - Felipe "I5I" (Xbox One) and Antonio "atcgouvea" (PS4)
Group 4
MGCF eSports (Brazil) - Andrew "C4" (Xbox One) and Gabriel "Crepaldi10" (PS4)
Team FW BR (England) - Vinicius "ViniTonetto" (Xbox One) and Gustavo "LuGu7oledo_" (PS4)
Helmet Team (Argentina) - Robert "AmazingCR7816" (Xbox One) and Sebástian "SebaLuoni" (PS4)


“Chivas eSports (Mexico) - UZIELFC (Xbox One) and PHARM (PS4)
Complexity Gaming (USA) - maXe (Xbox One) and Joksan (PS4)
New York City eSports (USA) - Chris (Xbox One) and Squirrel (PS4)
SB18 eSports (Mexico) - Beto19Avila (Xbox One) and Leo91 (PS4) ”

South American Dates
Wednesday, 24/02
DUX x Netshoes | Bo2
TTB vs Inter | Bo2
Medellin x Central Español | Bo2
Helmet Team x Team FW | Bo2
Netshoes x eLiga Sul | Bo2
Inter vs Basel | Bo2
Central Español x SPQR | Bo2
Team FW x MGCF | Bo2
eLiga Sul x DUX | Bo2
Basel x TTB | Bo2
PQR x Medellin | Bo2
MGCF x Helmet Team | Bo2

Friday, 02/26
Quarterfinals 1 | Bo3
Quarterfinals 2 | Bo3
Quarterfinals 3 | Bo3
Quarterfinals 4 | Bo3
Semifinal 1 | Bo3
Semifinal 2 | Bo3
Saturday, 02/27
Final | Bo5”

South America Awards
“1st - US $ 23.000
2nd - US $ 10.500
3rd - 4th - US $ 6.000
5th - 8th - US $ 4.000"

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