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News about game legalization in Brazil

News about game legalization in Brazil

Company specialized in the subject revealed news about the legalization of gambling in Brazil.

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Spectrum Gaming, a team of investment consultants, revealed some news about the legalization of the game in the country. The company, among other things, provides specialized consultancy on regulation and policy on legalized games, for countries around the world.

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For Spectrum Gaming, Brazil has one of the most attractive markets in terms of the games and sports betting industry. The company, which is also present in the country, revealed that its immense population collaborates for Brazil to be highlighted in this type of investment.
As several projects around the world are stagnating, mainly in the issue of hotel complexes and resorts, in markets that were seen with good eyes, Brazil has gained a lot of attention for investments in the universe of games and betting.
The consultancy listed some points and processes that the country is focusing on. One of them was the withdrawal of the monopoly of lottery companies from all over Brazil, which were operated exclusively by the federal government. Now, the states themselves are allowed to operate their own lotteries. This decision was taken by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

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Regarding sports betting, the consultancy says that the process is advancing in the country, and the movements for its regulation will continue. In the National Congress there are already projects that propose the legalization of games in Brazil.
One of the main reasons is the need for the federal government to add extra resources to end the difficulties that the country is going through, in addition to raising income for the social programs that are planned.
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