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Valorant Guide

Valorant Guide
Here you can follow the guide on Valorant, how the game works, characters, maps, weapons and other things.
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Here you will find the guide on Valorant, a new FPS from Riot Games that has dominated the world of games. Having several similarities with CS:GO, the new darling of E-Sports is one of the biggest current hits on the scene.

The FPS recently launched by Riot brings with it many weapons, maps, diverse characters and abilities. It is important to make users aware that despite the similarities with some games, Valorant is very extensive and has several things.

So, it is necessary to go deeper into the game, which in addition to being released with several items, each update launches more news. As is the case with the new arrival Reyna (character) and the Ascent map, inspired by Italy.

Valorant initially when it was launched was only in Closed Beta mode, but on June 2 it was officially released for free for PC users. As the game is new and unknown to many users, below you will find a guide with all the information about Valorant.

Below, find out how it works:

As everyone knows, Valorant is a 5x5 tactical FPS, which has as one of its main objectives to plant or disarm the "Spike". Each round, players have a life and the team that wins 13 rounds first wins, its 25 rounds in total.

The main objective of the teams is to defend and attack, all matches are like that. Thus, the attacking team must escort, protect and detonate the bomb at points A, B or C. By doing this and the bomb not being defused in time by the opponent, the team that set up wins the round.

At the start of each round, players can choose a set of weapons and skills by pressing the B key. In case of survival from one round to the next, players can take their items purchased in the previous round.

Below, see the minimum recommended system specs:

Minimum 30 FPS –
CPU: Intel i3-370M
GPU: Intel HD 3000
60 FPS recommendation–
CPU: Intel i3-4150
GPU: Geforce GT730
High specifications - 144+ FPS
CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
GPU: GTX 1050 Ti
Recommendations for PC -
Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Competitive Scenario

Despite being a new game, Valorant is already well on the competitive scene, with three levels of competition.

Low level: This level is for the local community, with relevant players and figures, with a maximum prize of US $ 10,000.

Medium level: The middle level are made by brands or influencers, with monetization and prizes reaching the value of US $ 50 thousand.

Majors (High level): This level does not have a prize limit, as it is created by major organizers such as ESL and DreamHack.

In June, Riot Games' first initiative on the competitive scene was the creation of the Ignition Series, an official Valorant championship program. This series has a partnership with more than 20 organizations in the E-Sports scene.

Below, see events from the Riot Series:

- G2 x Ignition

- Rage x Ignition

- Vitality x Ignition

- WePlay! x Ignition

- Gamers Club ULTIMATE

- PAX Arena x Ignition

- Order x Ignition

- Mandatory x Ignition
The Ignition Series will feature events in Europe, Brazil, Japan, North America, Latin America, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East.

Meet the characters of the game:

* The letters in parentheses represent the ability activation keys *
Viper –

Viper is an American chemical, controlling agent and that uses very poisonous chemical devices in its battles. For example, the Viper's Pit (X), spraying a toxic gas in the shape of a cloud, which covers an entire area around it, damaging those inside it. Another very good ability of the character is the Snake Venom (C), also covering an area where opponents inside are slow. The Viper Poison Cloud (Q), in addition to causing damage to opponents, darkens the camera making visibility difficult. Last and not least, the Toxic Screen (E) emits gas in a row, creating a kind of toxic wall that causes damage.
Raze –

Raze is a Brazilian agent capable of installing and detonating explosive charges (Q), in addition to firing a grenade that divides into several smaller grenades (E), covering a larger area. With the C key he is able to launch a robot that aims and pursues any opponent. Finally, Raze launches the Show Stopper (X), releasing a very powerful missile that does very heavy damage.
Sage –

Sage is a Chinese sentinel who releases orbs and each contains a different ability. One of them, the Barrier Orb (C) creates a wall that prevents the sight and passage of enemy players. Using the (Q) key, Slow Orb is activated, which slows down opposing characters. The Healing Orb (E) ability heals your entire team and the character itself. Resurrection, Ultimate of Sage (X), allows you to bring an already dead companion back to life.
Cypher –

Cypher is more of a sentinel, he is from Morocco and specializes in data collection intelligence. As one of his main skills, he uses the Spy Cam (E), which marks his enemies with a dart revealing their position. The Ultimate Neural Theft (X) lets you reveal the position of all your enemies that are still alive. The other two abilities of Cypher, the Trapwire (C) and the Cyber Cage (Q), have the powers to immobilize, block vision, cause slowness and make life difficult for your opponents.
Reyna –

The new Mexican duelist has two Orbs of the Soul abilities, which only appear when Reyna eliminates an opponent. The first is Devour (Q), which actually regenerates the agent's life, while the second makes the character invulnerable. The Leer (C) is Reyna's third ability, which allows her opponents to be blinded. The Mexican's last skill is actually a combo (Q) + (E), with the Ultimate Empress she is able to heal herself with each slaughter done and her invulnerability starts to be invisible.
Jett –

Jett is a South Korean agent who has two handling skills, Tailwind (E) and Updraft (Q). The first propels Jett quickly in the chosen direction and the second is a big vertical jump. The Korean's third ability, on the other hand, is the Cloudburst (C), which releases a smoke screen, limiting the opponent's field of vision on the map for a certain time. Another skill of the character is given by holding the jump button, which allows him to glide. In its last and no less important skill, the Ultimate Blade Storm is a set of five very sharp knives that do a considerable amount of damage.
Breach –

The Swedish Breach has the possibility to fire a fusion charge that damages enemies, this is the Aftershock (C). Flashpoint (Q) is a skill in which he releases a charge, blinding his opponents to look at it. Finally, one of Breach's main skills, the Fault Line (E), creates a common earthquake and another maximized throughout the entire site in the form of a waterfall (Ultimate, X).
Omen –

Valorant's most mysterious character, Omen does not have his nationality known. One of its main skills is the Shrouded Step (C), being able to teleport from one place to another, however close places. Paranoia (Q) allows you to send a projectile that limits your opponent's vision and the Dark Cover (E) that creates a large dark sphere, further hindering your opponents' vision. The From the Shadows (X) is perhaps Omen's best ability, as he can teleport anywhere on the map.
Brimstone –

Brimstone is an American controller that launches incendiary grenades (Q). It creates long-lasting clouds of smoke, blocking the view of opponents in the area you select, using Sky Smoke (E). Brimstone's Stim Beacon (C) allows a quick shot to companions, while Orbital Strike (X) launches a laser from the sky, causing various damage to the enemies hit.
Phoenix –

This duelist from the United Kingdom makes his name live up to his abilities, as some of them refer to a Phoenix. The Blaze (C) creates a wall of fire blocking the opponents' view and is capable of causing great damage to anyone who tries to cross it. The Hot Hands (E) ability refers to more damage as well, while the Curveball (Q) blinds enemies and Run It Back allows the player to come back to life as a Phoenix.
Sova –

Sova is an initiator, but has great skills in collecting information for his teammates during the match. The Owl Drone (C) throws darts to mark opposing players and reveal their positions. The Recon Bolt (E) is activated by impact, revealing the location of opponents on the dividing line. Sova also has the Shock Bolt (Q), which explodes when impacted, and Hunter's Fury (X), which shoots an energy arrow causing damage and revealing the position of enemies.


In Valorant it is possible to choose different characters, maps, among other things, but it also has a huge variety of weapons. Some of the weapons are inspired by CS: GO, while others are chosen according to each player's style and strategy for each round of matches.

Below, the weapons of Valorant:

Classic - This is a standard weapon that fires with high precision when the player is stopped and has an alternative mode with bursts, firing three shots at the same time.

Shorty - This sawed off shotgun a is very lethal up close and its weak point is the slow rate of fire, which is only two shots without reloading.

Frenzy - This is a very effective hand-held machine gun when the player is on the move, however, it sometimes fires short bursts at intermediate distances. It also has a high rate of fire and fires ten rounds per second.

Sheriff - This weapon is a revolver and its projectiles have a great impact, but with high recoil.

Ghost - This is a very efficient weapon at all distances and fires silently. For the short distance it is even more lethal, causing absurd 160 damage to the opponent.
Specter - The Specter is the ideal weapon for the player who wants to have one for short and medium distance. This submachine gun is efficient on any map, with good damage rate, rate of fire and accuracy. If the user wants to risk a greater distance, simply equip a sight.

Stinger - Stinger, on the other hand, is the ideal weapon for medium and long distances, however recoil and mobility are its weaknesses. This weapon does not have much damage in its shots, but since it fires 18 bullets per second, it becomes an efficient weapon.
Odin - Odin is a very strong machine gun and is the second most expensive weapon in the game. The cartridge of this weapon holds 100 bullets and its damage is strong, in addition to shooting 12 bullets per second, we can easily reach 15.6 bullets per second. It is a good weapon for those who like to do damage.

Ares - While Odin is Valorant's second most expensive weapon, Ares is the lightest and cheapest machine gun. At first this weapon fires 10 bullets per second and its damage is average, but the player can fire 50 shots until reloading.
Judge - This is a modern, automatic shotgun with quick shots and does a lot of damage over short distances. If it passes a short distance, it will need a crosshair.

Bucky - Bucky is already a more stable shotgun and delivers very strong damage over short distances. Among all Valorant weapons, this is the cheapest that the user can equip as their primary weapon.
Guardian - The Guardian rifle is great for medium and long distances, with very accurate and strong shots. However, in the DMR style it gets heavier.

Bulldog - This is the cheapest rifle in the game and its main advantage is that its bullets do not lose damage over long distances. The downside is the recoil, but if you put it in the alternate mode it fires small bursts with three bullets at a time.

Phantom - Phantom is one of the strongest rifles of Valorant, as it kills any enemy instantly with a shot to the head and that is up to 15 meters away. If it is a greater distance than this, it loses some of its damage and increases the recoil.

Vandal - It is a weapon that causes a lot of damage even with few bullets, but it is difficult to control it if there are many consecutive shots.

Marshal - Marshal is a sniper rifle, but its cadence is very slow and can endanger the user of the weapon.

Operator - This is the most expensive weapon in the game, with double zoom and its bullets do absurd damage. However, it is not recommended to use it on the move.
Tactical Knife - As in many games, in Valorant the knife also allows the user to run faster, destroy objectives more quickly and still hit enemies in the back.
Bind -


This map has two teleportation portals that can take players and anything else thrown straight to another place. It still has two bombsites and no central zone. Although this map is smaller, its characteristics and the two portals end up paying off.
Split –


Split is that “standard” FPS map, with two bombsites and several routes that allow different ways of advancing, favoring clashes in some points of the scenario. Split also has an elevated area right in the center, connecting two regions on the map to the plant.
Haven –


In this map, the team that is defending needs to defend three bombsites and not two as is common. The points are very close, which allows players to get there faster. This is a map that favors the attacking team more.
Ascent –


This is the map inspired by Italy, having two bombsites and is the newest map in the game to date. The central part of Ascent is open, with several places to hide and cover.