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Current ongoing Esports tournaments for you to bet on!

Current ongoing Esports tournaments for you to bet on!
With almost all the sports matches postponed, here you can learn a little bit about the ongoing online tournaments!
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Esports have been around for a long time, but only recently bookmakers started to explore this market. Just like regular sports, the most basic form of betting is match winner, where you place the bet on the team you think will win.

Besides that, you have some more specific options depending on the game and its complexity. There are games where you can bet in more than just a win or a draw.

Bet365 is one of the greatest bookmakers to start betting, offering a great range in esport bets and great odds in some games. Let’s have a look on the biggest tournaments throughout the year and the ones that are live!

Quaran-team Cup

The Quaran-Team Cup is a tournament organized by Leyton Orient  in the popular videogame FIFA2020 in consequence of all the postponed leagues.

The tournament was created for the football fans to enjoy in these dificult times.

Bet365 is offering odds for each individual game and you can watch the Live Streams on the website! If you want to know more, each club's twitter will be posting updates and results aswell.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

A 5 on 5 shooter game where the first team that wins 16 rounds is the winner of the match. The match is a draw when it ends in 15-15, but usually, on competitive matches there is an overtime.

The game can depend on many factors: what map was voted, the logistic made on buying weapons or save money to buy on next rounds or if a team changed players recently, for example.

You have plenty of CSGO tournaments to bet on:

  •  ESL Pro League
  •  ESEA Advanced Europe
  •  ESEA Advanced North America
  •  Intel Extreme Masters

Right now, ESL tournament is ongoing if you want to start to learn about the game with the best teams!

League of Legends

LOL is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where two teams of 5 players battle against each other with the objective to destroy the Nexus after destroying the turrets that lead to the base of the enemy team.

Each player picks an unique character with its own set of skills and passives and needs to level It up by killing AI controlled “minions”, kill the enemy characters or destroy the enemies towers.

Because of the complexity of this game, you have a variety of options to bet on, for example: the first team to get 10 kills, the first team to slay the Dragon or Baron and who’s going to be the team that will destroy the first tower.

Some LOL biggest tournaments that you can bet on are:

  •  League of Legends World Championship
  •  LCS
  •  LCK
  •  LEC
  •  Mid-Season Invitational

Through all April you can watch and bet on LCS Spring, LEC, European Masters and LCK.


DOTA 2 is a very popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game and one of the largest esports in the world.

This MOBA is a 5 on 5 where each team needs to destroy the enemies base to win. Each player chooses a character with a set of skills and needs to level up by killing enemies, killing AI controlled “creeps” or destroying towers. The principle is just like LOL, you need to destroy the enemy base, however, it has its own characteristics and mechanics.

The biggest DOTA 2 tournaments you can bet on are:

  •  The Invitational 2020
  •  ESL One Los Angeles 2020
  •  China Pro League
  •  Pushka League

If you want to start betting, the ESL One Los Angeles is online for you to bet on Bet365!

Rocket League

Rocket League is a very fun game where you play football with a car! The teams can be up to 4 players and the team who scores more goals, wins.

The major tournaments usually are 3 on 3 games (except Universal Open, which is 2 on 2) with the duration of, usually, 5 minutes. However, if after those 5 minutes, the game is still draw, there is an overtime until the next team scores.

The biggest Rocket League Tournaments are:

  •  RLCS
  •  RLRS
  •  DreamHack
  •  Intel Open
  •  Universal Open

Right now, the ongoing tournaments are RLCS and RLRS the first and second league, respectively.

Other games

Even though there are no live tournaments of these games right now, they are pretty popular in the gaming community:

  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch
  • Apex Legends
  • Starcraft
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege


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